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Green Roof
What is a Green Roof?

A green roof cover is a layer of living vegetation installed on the top of a conventional flat or sloping roof. A green roof offers an innovative approach for protecting conventional roofing systems, and has been shown to double the service life of the underlying waterproofing membrane.


Green roof covers add value by:

  • Extending the service life of roofs
  • Reducing stormwater run off
  • Reducing energy costs
  • Conserving valuable commercial space that would otherwise be required to provide stormwater runoff controls (detention ponds).
  • Increasing property values


Green Roof example
Is weight a possible issue with a green roof?

Green roof covers can be designed and engineered to conform to the weight load requirements of most roofs. Beautiful vegetated roof covers weighing up to 15 pounds per square foot have been installed with great success all over the world. The green roof weight of 15 pounds per square foot is comparable to the weight of gravel ballast used on many conventional roofs.

Where heavier loads can be supported, dramatic landscaping accents can be incorporated, including garden walks, flowering shrubs, and rock gardens.


More Information, including case studies, environmental impact and landscaping sustainability, is available at : Roof Meadows


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